The company PETER-SERVICE RnD received resident status Skolkovo

The company "PETER-SERVICE RnD" was among the residents of the innovation center "Skolkovo". 
"PETER-SERVICE RnD" — a subsidiary of the leading Russian developer of software for telecom operators of "Peter-Service" was founded in 2012 to research and develop next-generation solutions in the field of information technology.
The company "PETER-SERVICE RnD" was included in the cluster of information technology innovation center "Skolkovo" and will develop a project to create software that provides a means for operators online analysis of data on the behavior of users on the Internet.
"The relevance of the developed solutions is the ability to give operators the necessary tools for building an ecosystem of trading online advertising — said Mikhail Levitin, director of" PETER-SERVICE RnD. " — In addition, the infrastructure of "Skolkovo" will allow us to expand the scope of research and accelerate the release of products aimed at the development of Russian and world information technology market. "
Address: St. Petersburg, ul. Tapestry, 36
tel.: +7 (812) 326 12 99
fax: +7 (812) 326 12 98

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