The company Phillips and OptoGaN introduced new LED solutions

LED lamp Highway ORK363


At the III International specialized exhibition "The Road 2012" joint venture "Philips and OptoGaN" introduced new LED solutions for road, street and park lighting.

The joint venture "Phillips and OptoGaN" participated in III International specialized exhibition-forum "ROAD 2012" in Moscow. At the exhibition the company presented its own innovative technology for lighting highways, regional roads and main streets of the city, as well as yards, parks and squares.

"Philips and OptoGaN" introduced new solutions in the field of road safety and intelligent control system with artificial lighting. One such development was the new joint venture outdoors LED lamp Highway ORK363, designed for motorway A1 category. With it possible to upgrade the traffic lights at the base of 400 W HPS lamps with energy saving up to 50% without loss of quality lighting. A distinctive feature of the updated lamp is a flexible choice specifications in accordance with the goals of energy efficiency. In addition, the best-in-class components of the fitting comply with international standards and provide high-quality lighting highways.

"This unique solution allows our customers to be flexible to meet the challenges in introducing innovative technologies for motorways, — said General Director of" Phillips and OptoGaN " Andre Richter. — The level of light output reaches 35,500 lumens lamp and specialized optics for road lighting can illuminate the way in compliance with the standards and requirements of our partners. "

The second innovation was the company LED lamp Avenue OPK303 street lighting, road district level, Pridvorova territories, as well as the roadway industrial facilities. Continues to innovate and develop new solutions in the field of LED lighting has allowed the company to create this unique high-end lighting at affordable prices. Due to the product introduction of LED technology becomes more efficient at the sites of new construction, reconstruction and modernization of the systems of artificial lighting.

Also on the stand was demonstrated innovation in the field of park lighting — energy efficient LED lamp PARK ORT150, intended for parks, squares and city streets. In addition to the technical advantages of the design is fully compliant with the architecture of the city, and neutral white light creates comfortable lighting for the residents of the city.

"We are confident that the updated portfolio of LED lighting solutions for highways, roads, streets and parks will strengthen the position of" Phillips and OptoGaN "in the market of innovation and contribute to the modernization of the economy in the state program for energy efficiency, as well as improve road safety" .

III International specialized exhibition — forum "ROAD 2012"Held from 15 to 18 October in Moscow. The event was attended by representatives of the road industry from different regions of Russia and foreign countries. Leading industry experts presented their best design and the latest solutions in the field of optimization of road infrastructure. In the course of an extensive business program discussed the intelligent transportation systems, innovative development of the road sector, improving the safety of Russian routes, etc.
The joint venture "Phillips and OptoGaN"Specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative solutions in the field of road and street LED lighting. The company was founded in 2012, and the first such project in the Russian industry that combines the recognized standards of quality Philips and unique expertise of "OptoGaN." The joint venture is a prime example of practical direct investment in the Russian economy in the framework of the state program "Energy saving and energy efficiency for the period up to 2020.""Philips and OptoGaN" combines cutting-edge technology and years of successful experience of both companies in the field of street lighting, both internationally and in the Russian market. Production of "Phillips and OptoGaN" — reliable LED lights with flexible energy saving, uniform illumination, a wide variety of specifications, maintainable and modernized lighting is constructive for highways, city streets and parks. Production is located in St. Petersburg (Russia). Main markets — Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
Highway ORK363. The uniqueness of this solution lies in the fact that the company was able to make the first LED luminaire with a luminous flux 35500Lm. Such lamps can illuminate the road A1 category, do a direct replacement of incandescent 400W HPS.

"The light is being modernized. If after a few years there will be more energy-efficient LEDs, you can not spend money on new buildings and upgrade already installed on the roadside objects. Cast casing, reliable, service life is much greater than the life of the internal components, and the LEDs are known to have a very long life "- comments Andre Richter, General Director of "Phillips and OptoGaN."

The Lamp Avenue OPK303 In the category for the streets, yard lighting. Light is a rugged construction with an affordable price. Neutral white light creates a comfortable atmosphere that provides the required energy efficiency.

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Already currently undergoing pilot installation and testing of new solutions, developing a range of projects for their implementation. Presented new items are considered as a real change lighting solutions available in major cities.

The company operates throughout Russia, but the highest priority areas for implementation at the moment — these are the regions that are advanced in terms of the use of innovative technologies in general — Moscow, Saint-Petersburg.

All implementation projects are complex and long-term in nature, so it is too early to speak about concrete results, but some of the solutions presented earlier, "Phillips and OptoGaN" can be seen on the road right now, for example, in Moscow on Schelkovskoy highway.

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