The company ping-AUTO presented a unique Kofemobil

The company "Auto-Ping" presented at the Moscow International Automobile Salon unique "Kofemobil" developed on the basis of GAZ 3302 "Gazelle". "Kofemobil" from "ping-Auto" is ideally suited to owners of cafes and restaurants to visiting trade outdoors: in parks, squares, green areas. Medium and large companies can use the car for corporate events, put on displays, exhibitions, shows, etc. "Kofemobil" is a van with a special compartment, equipped with the latest technology. Without exaggeration, we can say that is placed inside the compartment compact whole cafe with all sorts of devices and appliances. The principle of action of the car is simple: he arrives on the scene, reveals shutters, connected equipment — so it turns into a stationary van cafe. Among the equipment installed in the "Kofemobile", it may be noted-the-art Italian espresso machine Microbar 2 Grinder, producing 120 cups of espresso or cappuccino cups in 60 hours. Also auto-cafe is equipped with a professional bar blender Hamilton Beach, which allows you to prepare a cocktail in just 20 seconds. Among other functional equipment installed in the van: Microwave Ice Maker Table Two refrigerated cabinet Independent water supply (sink stainless. Steel mixer automatic ORAS electra, miniature pump station, soap dish chrome, chrome dispenser for paper towels) should be noted that such equipment and special compartment can be set to all-wheel drive gazelle or a foreign car in its class, then this avtokafe be able to come to the beaches and other hard to reach places ordinary mobile shop. Kofemobil "Pingo-Auto" will become a symbol of the company and the distinguishing feature of your business. About "Ping-AUTO": Founded in 1999 Production Company Ltd. "ping-AUTO" is known for its Russian customers primarily as a manufacturer of a wide range of special vehicles — vans and tankers for various purposes, utility vehicles, trucks, trailers, commercial vehicles — avtolavok as well as shopping trailers and stalls of different sizes and configurations. Our manufacturing and office are located in Nizhny Novgorod. The company’s products available to the entire territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

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