The company Polyplastic launched in Omsk production line for large-diameter pipes

The company "Polyplastic" launched at the Omsk plant pipe insulation production line for large diameter pipes. They are 50 years. 

October 4, at the Omsk plant pipe insulation included in the group "Polyplastic" line was launched for the production of large diameter pipes. The project can be considered unique to the region.

New pipes that will produce in Omsk, calculated on a 50-year lifespan, while their concrete and reinforced concrete counterparts of 15-20 years. It is planned that during the 6 years of worn thermal and water pipes will be replaced with new pipes, which are now produced in Omsk.
 — We need to have an innovative tubular products, which will help in the near future to save huge amounts of heat, to avoid leaks and resolve the issues with the most cash for the repayment of the savings of heat loss and conserve resources, be it water or some other resource — said at the the opening of a new production line president "POLYPLASTIC" Myron Gorilovsky. — Heat and water healthy, normal drinking water — the two main programs that we support at the initial stage.

Add that to the implementation of the project to replace worn-out pipes in the Omsk region requires an 8 billion. According to the governor Viktor Nazarov, region expects to raise funds for this purpose Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services.  

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