The company Profotech presented a key element of Russia’s first digital substation

Digital Substation and General Director of JSC "Profotech" Sidorov SV RUSNANO project company "Profotech" unveiled the first cell in the Russian digital substation. At its core — the measuring converter with a digital interface, created on the basis of a unique optical nanofibers. In the present cell also demonstrated the device security and management in Russia.

Large-scale production of new transmitters will begin in Q1 2013.

"Despite the fact that the development of our project is only preparing to enter the market, it has been appreciated by industry experts — at the exhibition "Electric Networks of Russia-2011" She was awarded an honorary diploma in the nomination "The long-term innovation." In addition, an agreement on cooperation with the FGC, and developed a road map for certification and implementation of instrument transformers "Profotech" at the facilities of the main grid complex of the country ", — Emphasizes RUSNANO Managing Director Alexander Kondrashov.

"We are seeing great interest in our products, and it is no coincidence — the fiber-optic transducers significantly enhance the security of the operation and have higher performance in terms of accuracy and resilience compared to the electromagnetic current transformers. In addition, the size and weight of our inverters is 10 times smaller than conventional counterparts, — Explains the director general of "Profotech" Sergei Sidorov. — I am sure that in the next decade we will see significant progress in the power of technology, and our company will play a key role during the ".

Technological Help

Digital substation is a substation for mounting the intellectual secondary equipment working on a single digital communication protocols described by international standards. In particular, it can be set high digital fiber optic measuring current and voltage transducers, multifunction intelligent electronic device (IED), including terminals protection measurements, accounting and management. The transfer of measurement data, the exchange of digital signals and data collection system supervisory control produced on digital communication protocols — SV, GOOSE, MMS — described in the international standard IEC 61850. Creation of digital substations can get rid of a lot of control cables, which are traditionally laid on power. In this way possible to achieve a significant wild reliability of data transmission, and also to simplify the collection and processing of information on the object. Digital substation is the most important element of creating smart grids.

A working model of the cell "digital substation", presented at the All-Russia Exhibition "Electrical Networks of Russia — 2011", included the following items:

Fiber-optic current and voltage transducers with digital interface of PJSC "Profotech"; controller with support for accession protocols IEC 61850-9-2 and IEC 61850-8-1 and SCADA-system from the Company "EnergopromAvtomatizatsiya"; protection relay with Protocol support IEC 61850-9-2 production NPP "screen"; commercial unit of electricity produced by Landis + Gyr; multifunctional device for testing the primary equipment Omicron CPC100.

The current on the bus fiber-optic transmitter current JSC "Profotech" formed by the device Omicron CPC100. Data processing unit of an optical fiber current transducer IEC 61850-9-2 protocol transmitted to the device of relaying, "screen", the controller connection "EnergopromAvtomatizatsiya" and a digital interface unit CPC100. Visitors to the stand can see firsthand the work of the entire tract, and even record the fact that tripping.

Right on the exhibition stand specialists of CJSC "Profotech" and LLC "Prosoft-Systems" have been successfully tested for interoperability of fiber optic transmitter and microprocessor complex emergency control MKPA-2 interface IEC 61850-9-2 LE. Was confirmed as correct operation of the complex equipment.

Presented equipment attracted the attention of the grid complex organizations, as well as manufacturers of electrical equipment. On the stand of JSC "Profotech ‘delegation visited various branches of JSC" IDGC Holding ", the representatives of JSC" Russian Railways "OJSC," ECMC UES "and other companies. Negotiations were held with the leading manufacturers of electrical equipment to develop joint solutions based on products of JSC «Profotech." 

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