The company Promtekh-Dubna opened a new plant

April 14, 2011 the company "Promtekh-Dubna", part of the holding "Industrial Technologies" and is a resident of SEZ "Dubna", gave a presentation and grand opening plant for the mass production of wire harnesses for the aerospace industry, as well as scientific and technical seminar on "New Technologies in elektrozhgutovom manufacturing, aviation and space."

Among the guests were prominent designers and specialists of aircraft and rotorcraft, such as "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" Corporation "Irkut" and "MiG", KFKB and CDB Tupolev, Ilyushin Aviation Complex, the Kazan Helicopter Plant, Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Bureau, Beriev . Beriev, Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mil, business unit "Kamov" Perm Engine Company "Aircraft Engine", representatives of the space industry — Khrunichev. MV Khrunichev, NPO. Lavochkin, the JSC "Information Satellite Systems", JSC "Russian Space Systems", JSC "RSC" Energia ", MOKB" Mars ", NPC AP Pilyugina and many others.

Addressing the gathering, General Director of "Promtekh-Dubna" Nicholas Bure noticed that on the territory of the special economic zone "Dubna", the company is building a large complex, and not to wait, it was decided to master the temporary holding area.

But when the red ribbon was cut, the name of such a plant "outhouse" no one dared. Before the guests are new production, which is concentrated in the most advanced technology. Lots configuration for wire harnesses, cutting, brazing, laser wire marking, testing, storage of finished cable products, the most advanced equipment, unique technology, many of which are borrowed from the advanced Western companies — given the highest bracket.

It is said that today one of the major problems of competitiveness in the global market space rocket, aircraft and other equipment is to minimize the weight and size of aircraft, helicopters and space vehicles, including the expense of on-board equipment, which includes on-board and cable networks ( BCS). Advances in electronics, control systems have led to the fact that the increased demands on the quality and reliability of the BCS with a decrease in weight and size characteristics and increasing the volume of production by serial projects.

All specified requirements are maintained by the Dubna, implying excellent prospects, especially since the company is working closely with the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) and the Corporation "Helicopters of Russia", created by the Russian government and responsible for the design and production of aircraft. So, ahead of the SEZ resident guaranteed participation in the mass production of products for the aviation projects. One of them announced CEO of the holding Valery Shadrin — a contract with the KLA in the design and manufacture of BCS to MS-21.

Scientific and Technical Workshop, which was held at the Congress Centre of the SEZ "Dubna" immediately after the presentation of the plant, reiterated the importance and necessity of creating such a modern production. The participants talked about the complexity of the design is the BCS, problems in manufacturing electroplaits, vnutriblochnyh and interconnect connections. Of great interest to the speech of Russian specialists chief designer "EDO" Aerospace "Dmitry Sheveleva.

EDO is a holding company "Industrial Technologies" and is a company resident in the SEZ "Dubna". Design office has the latest software packages and databases of knowledge, experience already accumulated by firms BOEING and AIRBUS in the structure of the aircraft. D. Shevelev informed the participants about the specialization of the Design Bureau, the main activities and cooperation with Western partners. Separately, were marked by an enabling environment that provides for the SEZ "Dubna".

Another participant holding "Industrial Technologies" — Semiconductor Equipment Plant "Arsenal". On the development of high-performance technologies onboard cable network of current and future aircraft of domestic production, direction of its CEO said Sergei Kuznetsov. He noted that the emergence of a large production facility, especially in such a privileged area as SEZ "Dubna", makes it possible in the near future to establish a complete cycle for the production of wire harnesses, make the product even more competitive, along with the world’s leading manufacturers.

Deputy General Director for Business Development Company "Promtekhkomplekt" Irina said Bubley of electronic components, special purpose for the needs of the military-industrial complex of Russia, the importance of timely delivery, product quality and production of the certified design and manufacturing of electrical harnesses the most advanced technologies. "At the present time, — she said — in Russia there is no organization offering comprehensive solution to the problems relating to the board of cables, but in the West they have long and successful run. Holding "Industrial Technologies" is one of the few who came to systemically address this problem, ranging from design, prototype manufacturing to mass production of the BCS, which now will be established in Dubna. "

And of course, special attention is drawn speech General Director of "Promtekh-Dubna" Nicholas Tempest. All points of his report, the speaker called "Secret Weapon — SEZ" Dubna "were devoted to the development of innovative features of the territory of Dubna, the very same" secret weapon "- preferential terms zones, which allow us to solve human problems, issues of pricing and product competitiveness. He reiterated that while the harnesses are planning to mass-produce in this production, but in the short term will be open large specialized plant. Recently, the company signed an agreement with the administration of the SEZ "Dubna" to provide an additional 300 square meters. meters of space to create a localized production for manufacture of imported connectors.

Holding "Industrial Technologies" is an active member of the international partnership in the field of aviation and space elektrozhgutovogo production. Today, its leadership has already signed a contract for the design and manufacture of BCS for medium-range aircraft MS-21, is actively working on the design of the BCS on other aircraft and space vehicles. All this gives the residents of SEZ "Dubna" — participants holding confidence in the future and the opportunity to think about the next stages of business development.

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