The company Reckitt Benckiser: Russia is the best place for European investment

There is a suggestion that the Western business tries to bypass Russia party. We offer translation agency Reuters article svidetelstvueschey otherwise.

British consumer goods group Reckitt Benckiser said on Wednesday that he hopes to double sales in Russia in 2016, seeking to compensate for slowing in the European and North American markets.

"Russia is a country with the fastest growth in Europe. If we are faced with the choice of investing in Russia or any other European country, it is in favor of Russia ", told reporters Bruno de Labaro, general manager for Russia and the CIS.

Manufacturer of cleaning liquid Cillit Bang and Nurofen painkiller generates about 300 million euros ($ 430 million) in annual sales in the CIS region, of which 70 percent comes from Russia.

"You can not be a big player in Europe if you do not have a presence in Russia", he added.

De Labaro also noted that Reckitt wants to invest heavily in the medical business in Russia, where the average health care costs are relatively low.

"We see tremendous potential for growth, because we know that the purchasing power of the population is growing, as are the economic costs of health care. Health care market is growing twice as fast as consumer ", he said.

Combined net sales as consumer and medical products are growing by about 15 percent every year. The company expects that its own sales to rise 4 percent in 2011.

"The pace of consumption … return our growth rates have decreased (during the 2008-09 crisis), but there was no real decline. Yes, we had a crisis in Russia, but there was no crisis, compared with Spain, Russia, Portugal, Greece and Italy"Said de Labaro.

Reckitt also makes air fresheners and cleaning products Wick Vanish, currently occupying nearly 14-percent market share of products for the care of the household in Russia and intends to implement an increase of 10 percent a year, added de Labaro.

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