The company RM-Terex launched a modernized backhoe loader Terex TLB825

The company "RM — Terex" introduced an upgraded backhoe loader Terex TLB 825 Russian assembly. Technique developed according to the wishes of consumers, based on the accumulated experience of production of excavators in the past year. 

A distinctive feature of the backhoe TerexTLB 825 compared to the previous model TLB 815 — new comfortable cabin that has everything you need for maximum ease of operator. Interior noise levels below 76 dB (A). Panoramic windows provide excellent all-round visibility, including a full review when digging trenches, and in an elevated position provides ventilation, and at the same time protects from the rain. Adjustable, sprung seat with headrest, armrests and seat belt to provide maximum comfort and safety for the driver. Steering wheel with tilt adjustment is convenient for the driver of any height.

Tech is good at doing their job on all construction sites. The machine works confidently in heavy soils and is ready to perform quality work of high complexity, such as land planning, design and loading of soil, digging pits and trenches, and many others. Backhoe loader is equipped with a hydraulic line (gidrorazvodki) that allows quick replacement of working equipment.

Furthermore, TerexTLB 825 may further be equipped with front bucket 7 to 1, which provides digging, loading, cleaning, scraping, leveling, capture and volume. Bucket reaches a height of 3.5 m, which allows the body to fill even vysokobortnyh trucks.

Backhoe loader TerexTLB 825 — a multipurpose effective machine capable of quickly and accurately perform a variety of works in various fields due to the new telescopic handle, multi-loading bucket, as well as a wide range of work equipment.

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