The company RNT introduces an innovative system in Syria based on GLONASS

The company "Russian Navigation Technologies’ (RNT), Grow your business, not only in Russia but also in other countries, in Syria creates a single national control center for monitoring traffic.

The system will operate on the basis of GLONASS. In the future, it will be under the control of the whole transport infrastructure Syria.

"The rapid development of the civil fleet management market meets the objective interests of the Syrian Arab Republic. Thanks to technology, monitoring significant economic effect can be achieved in almost all sectors of the economy ", — assured leadership of the Russian company.

The system certainly increase and transportation security, which, in turn, will positively on increasing tourist attraction of the state.

"You will see a real opportunity to develop a popular tourist destination information services associated with the location (LBS) of an object and a subject", — assured us the executive director of "Russian Navigation Technologies" Ivan Nechayev.

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