The company Russian malt built in the Kursk region malt plant for $ 2.2 billion

The company "Russian malt" has completed the construction of the Kursk region (settlement Korenevo) plant for the production of brewing malt for $ 2.2 billion.

The company designed to produce 130 thousand tons of malt per year. The project also includes a silo for storage barley and malt to 100 thousand tons. Enterprise infrastructure includes wastewater treatment plants, artesian wells, boiler, power plants, transformer stations and railways. "Up to now 80% of consumed electricity will be generated its own power," — said the regional administration.

Korenevsky malting plant was the fourth of the holding company "Russian malt" on the territory of Russia (except for the Kursk region, they work in the Moscow, Voronezh and Orel regions). The total production capacity of the plant is holding 850 tons of malt per year.

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