The company shipped PSM 5 generators for Astrakhan rig

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Containers with plants PSM
the rig


Five containers with plants PSM series ADDo earnings per Astrakhan gas condensate field in the last week. As part of the energy complex — two diesel generators with capacity of 500 kW and three — a capacity of 320 kW. Units may work alone, but currently configured for parallel operation, and simultaneously provide winch operation, pump rotor and the rig.

  • Power plant PSM ADDo-320
  • Power plant PSM ADDo-320

Power plant PSM ADDo-320

This unusual solution was chosen on purpose.

  • First, it is cost-effective: PSM generators work together to accumulate as much as 2 MW, but it is worth, the five plants moderately to 35% cheaper than two-megawatt power plant.
  • Second, this solution is universal: when the well is ready, each of the power plants PSM can be individually sent to other customer sites.
  • Third, the chosen option ideally suited to the peculiarities of the field: as you go deeper, the drilling tool will overcome the rocks of different hardness. Require reliable operation of power plants and good load acceptance. It will provide engines Doosan, included in the diesel generators. They have a high power reserves and a large lifespan.

Previously, the company "PSM" is already carried out similar projects to supply electricity to the oil and gas industry. In particular, in November last year, 5 power series ADDo went to Kazakhstan to the marine drilling platform, is developing the offshore oil field.

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