The company showed prototypes of Prokhorov

Tuesday, October 12, the group "Onexim" Mikhail Prokhorov unveiled the first images of the two hybrid cars — prototypes urban hatchback and a compact crossover, created within the framework of the project "City Car". The design of machines was developed in just 180 days. Their signature style will be two-tone paint finishes, the author of which is a well-known Belarusian designer Vladimir Tsesler.

Both cars will be built on a single "open" platform, and the design developed by a team of Russian experts, which allowed the company to deny service to the Western body studio. According to the "Oneksima" at the moment when creating appearance prototypes decided not to deviate "from the generally accepted canons of the market, and offer the potential consumer cars of modern design." The company also clarify that in the future may be offered to any stylistic solutions of these machines. In addition, in accordance with the ideology of the "openness" of the platform, shared access will be available all of its parameters, and anyone can try yourself as a designer.

As previously stated, Mikhail Prokhorov, after the demonstration of a prototype online voting will be arranged on the advantages and disadvantages of cars. By December, the company plans to prepare three running instances designed for a test drive.

It is expected that the "people’s" cars will be equipped with 70-horsepower electric motor, lithium-ion battery and a 0.6-liter engine that can run on natural gas and will produce energy to recharge the batteries on the move. In addition, a charge will accumulate and further through the system with energy recovery braking.

According to preliminary information, without "refueling" such machines will be able to travel 400 kilometers. Maximum speed of cars will be limited to 120 kilometers per hour.

It is reported that the cars will fall into the price range of 350 to 450 thousand rubles.

Prototypes of the "people’s car" Prokhorov + photos

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