The company SSTenergomontazh assembled electric heating systems in the units of Shchekinoazot

Engineering company "SSTenergomontazh" carried out an installation of electrical heating systems and insulation of pipelines in the most powerful in the Russian plant for the production of methanol "Shchekinoazot."


At the end of 2011 in JSC "Shchekinoazot" was put into commercial operation a new plant for the production of methanol, "M-450" with the capacity of 450 thousand tons per year. This plant is the most modern and most powerful methanol production in Russia.

The launch of the "M-450" failed in a short time. Was installed most complex large equipment: synthesis reactor weighing about 300 tons, rectification column, natural gas compressors, 2-step synthesis gas compressor with a steam turbine, the oxygen compressor.

One of the important advantages of the new production is its environmental friendliness. Issue of methanol implemented technology allows to halve emissions and the amount of industrial waste water discharges issued to wastewater treatment plants.

Engineering company "SSTenergomontazh", part of the Civil Code "Special systems and technologies", took part in the design and installation of electrical heating systems of pipelines in the units of "Shchekinoazot." There were supplied and installed bolee8000 metrovsamoreguliruyuschegosya electric heating cable and components, control cabinets and insulation materials InWarm Insulation. 

The peculiarity of technical solutions at JSC "Shchekinoazot" was the use of pre-layer insulation for maintaining high process temperatures in pipelines up to 13000S.

Total specialists "SSTenergomontazh" in units of "Shchekinoazot" was made 5 projects of the heating system.

Electric heating systems are installed and operated in normal mode, the following units of "Shchekinoazot":

— methanol production plant "M-450" with the capacity of 450 thousand tons per year;

— installation of production of urea formaldehyde concentrate (UFC) and formalin "CK-85" with capacity of 50 thousand tons per year;

— impulse lines Pervomayskaya CHP installed capacity — 105 MW of installed thermal capacity — 774 Gcal / h.

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