The company Telebalt launched an upgraded assembly line TV

October 4. In the production hall of Russia’s largest contract electronics assembler (Kaliningrad) was launched upgraded assembly line televisions.


— Streamlined assembly line has a higher degree of functional smooth flow of the build process, thus increasing its capacity by 20% — said General Director of "Companies Telebalt" Victor Borisenko. — Moreover, the updated line we will be able to collect TVs faster than the rest — about 1300-1400 units per shift vs. 900-1000 pieces, which are now produced in a shift on our other lines. And it is especially important now, when came the so-called "season" in the electronics industry — a time when consumer electronics are in special demand from consumers.

This is dictated by the need for new technical requirements of one of the main customers "Companies Telebalt" concern Philips. Modernization was carried out on their own businesses with minimal assistance of other structures, thus significantly saving costs — investments in retrofitting pipeline amounted to about one million rubles. The line was rebuilt constructively to the technological innovation process.

— Previously, the program for production lines written for us Chinese expert — continues production director "Companies Telebalt" Albert Moukhametshin. — But we have one and a half years to "grow" its an electronics specialist, which today he writes programs and optimizes all functional processes.

In addition, as reported in the manufacturing department "Companies Telebalt" modernized assembly line will have a reduced power consumption due to the peak energy load leveling.

Recall "Company Telebalt" makes all models of televisions worldwide brands (plasma, LCD, LED, 3D), as well as microwave ovens. Production capacity is about 2 million TV sets per year. Currently the plant employs about 1,200 people. One in three televisions sold in Russia, produced "Company Telebalt"

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