The company Transas delivered the navigational simulator


May 2011 — Surgut, Russia. The company "Transas" delivered the navigational simulator to the Resource Center of industrial training of students, based at the AU "Surgut professional college."

The center is set a full-scale (full-mission) navigation simulator with a viewing angle of 180 degrees, equipped with realistic controls, including for vessels with rudder propellers. The simulator will allow for the training and certification of watch officers, chief mates and masters, working on ships, boats and fishing vessels. It can also be used for training and certification of skippers of small boats.

Ice machine is equipped with a module accurately simulating the effects of the interaction of the vessel with ice, which will ensure the provision of training specialists for sailing in ice conditions. Module search-and-rescue operations, as specified in this simulator provides students with the skills to use modern, life-saving work and coordination for the Safety of Life at Sea.

To analyze the results of training simulator is equipped with automated assessment of competence, which enables real-time to get an objective assessment of the correctness of the exercise trained.

Specialists "Transas" set on the simulator extensive collection of navigation areas, including parts of the Ob River and Bay New Port, specially designed for the Resource Center. This will allow the learner during his training on the simulator to explore all the features of navigation in areas where they will be working.

"We are pleased to continue our partnership with the company" Transas "- said the first deputy director of the Surgut professional college Maxim Grebenets. — In early 2010, our college has been equipped with a simulator of a boat on which we are preparing skippers of boats and motor boats, in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Emergencies Ministry GIFT. The new simulator will help us to expand the range of training programs and lead training in our center to a new level. We also plan to integrate a simulator of a boat and navigation simulator that will work out different scenarios of interaction between the two courts. "

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