The company Tubor — producer of high-quality starter batteries.

TUBOR company was founded in 1999 in Bor Nizhny Novgorod region.
The name of the company consists of two parts — the first syllable is taken from the TUDOR — partner
supply under the contract equipment, technology and trained personnel
production, the second — the name Bor.

Was purchased for the production of the most advanced equipment in the corporation EXIDE;
and together with the specialists TUBOR developed technology, first used
the production line of TITAN, organized with specific Russian conditions
operation and the differences of climate zones.

Plant TUBOR — is this:
• The latest technology
• Modern equipment
• High-quality imported raw materials and components
• Skilled
• Design and technological service
• Center for Research and Innovation
• End to End Quality

Other information about the plant TUBOR:
• The total site area is 4.77 ha
• The total area of industrial structures and buildings — 12,000 square meters. m
• Production facilities occupy 8000 square meters. m
• Assembly of the shop — 4,000 square meters. m
• Storage of raw materials — 1000 m. m
• Logistics center — 3137 m. m
• The state of the plant TUBOR — 300
• Production Capacity — 3 million batteries per year
• Technology Sb / Ca; Ca / Ca; Ca / Ca + silver; under development is technology AGM

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