The company with the Russian participation has received a license to produce nickel

in Guatemala

Companies Guatemalteca de Niquel with Russian participation has received an official license from the government of Guatemala to work in the fields in the country, said the director of the Department of Latin American Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Schetinin.

This is a company with Russian management, working in Guatemala, resulting RIA Novosti Russian diplomat’s statement, made during his visit to Mexico. Schetinin stressed that private domestic investment are now the largest foreign direct investment in Guatemala. The volume of Russian investments into the economy of this country is $ 350 million

Schetinin told reporters that in respect of Guatemalteca de Niquel fulfilled all the necessary requirements of Guatemalan legislation related to the legal, social and environmental commitments of the investor to the authorities of Guatemala. In this regard, a senior Russian diplomat expressed hope that in the near future between the two countries may be signed bilateral agreement on the promotion and protection of investments. "We have an agreement ready, it will be for this year," — said Schetinin.

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