The complex exploration of a new generation of RHM-6 test experts


The latest chemical reconnaissance vehicle RHM-6 test military connection of radiation, chemical and biological (NBC) protection of the Southern Military District (SOUTH) in the field entering the landfill Prudboy (Volgograd region)..
 The complex intelligence allows for 1 min to detect vapors and aerosols of toxic and harmful substances over an area of 10 square meters. km. Thanks to the built-in hardware now all the necessary measurements become possible to do without leaving the car.

For the first time in the machine used satellite navigation equipment, which performs all-weather automatic determination of the origin of the machine on the ground, and also performs the function of collecting information from the instruments of exploration, mapping the situation on the map of the area and the transfer of information to the command control centers.

Thanks to the special equipment RHM-6 can detect and identify the presence of toxic substances in the environment, moving at a speed of 20 to 50 km / h, depending on the extent and complexity of infection. This not only improves the speed of the units, but also dozens of times to reduce the loss of personnel.

RHM-6 has a high mobility equipment is placed on the BTR-80, capable of speeds up to 80 km / h on land and up to 10 km / h on water.

The newest systems entered service connections within the state defense order in 2012

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