The complex is managed by a tank weapons 9K116-1 Bastion

The complex is managed by a tank weapons 9K116-1 Bastion
In 1981 adopted NE Russian Union adopted a set 9K116 «Knuckles» with 100-millimeter rocket controlled by a laser beam shoots out of the barrel anti-tank gun T-12. The complex is developed under the control of AG Shipunova in Tula KBP.

Even before I was finished working out complex «Knuckles», decided to expand the development of guided weapons for T-54/55/62 unified with him. Almost immediately was being developed 2-complexes: 9K116-1 «Bastion» — Created for T-54/55 tanks with 100-mm rifled gun D-10T and 9K116-2 «Sheksna» — Compatible with 115 — millimeter smoothbore gun U-5TC for T-62 tanks. 9M117 missile borrowed without complex configurations of «brass knuckles», with all this in «Sheksna» equip its support belt to ensure the sustainable movement of the trunk caliber 115 mm. Configuration, in the main, touched the sleeve with a propelling charge, which was redesigned for the bolt guns data.
As a result, for a small time gap for minor costs made conditions for modernization of tanks of the third generation, which provided repeated increase combat effectiveness, and to a large extent equalized firing abilities upgraded specimens tanks — T-55M/MV/AM/AMV/AD, T-62M / MV with significant distances with machines doing the fourth generation.

Developing tank complexes graduated in 1983

In the upcoming complexes «Sheksna» and «Bastion» basis for the formulation 9K116-3 «Fable» — Guided weapons complex BMP-3. In AK «Tulamashzavod» currently being mastered serial production of modernized missile 9M117M having a tandem HEAT warhead can penetrate reactive armor, both modern and promising tanks.

In the west, the complex was assigned the designation AT-10 «Sabber».

The complex 9K116-1 Bastion:
The complex is managed by a tank weapons 9K116 consists of the following parts:
— shot ZUBK10-1 guided missile 9M117;
— control equipment «Wave»;
— Sight-homing device 1K13-1 (Daily channel — to 8-fold increase, night — 5.5);
— 9S831 voltage converter.

Managed shot ZUBK10-1 on the outer contoured shape close to high-explosive/fragmentation ZUFO37 and ZUOF10 — unmanaged counterparts shot. The composition ZUBK10 1 includes rocket and sleeve. Liner — made of steel and has kitted vvintnoe bottom detonator. Inside the sleeve is a propelling charge, which reports the initial rocket speed from 400 to 500 meters per second, centering ring, lattice shell is also a tank with an inert gas, which provides a shot purging and removing products of combustion of the charge.

Shot ZUBK10 is unitary ammunition loader that allows to use it in automatic combat pack. All operations are carried out rocket launch machine.

Rocket made in a «duck.» Located in front of the cumulative warhead 9N136M, aerodynamic control surfaces disclosed backwards in flight and air-dynamic control actuator closed circuit having a frontal air intake. To reduce the size of the engine had solid frontal placement 2-oblique nozzles. The tail part is used to place the main unit on-board equipment guidance system with the introduction of laser radiation. Wings disclosed using a special device, located to the longitudinal axis of the rocket at an angle and provide rotation during flight. Guided missiles — by a laser beam automatically.

Panzer automatic fire control system «Wave» developed on the basis of equipment «brass knuckles.» Differs lowest weight and volume (47 liters) installed additional units. Guidance system provides high accuracy and is well protected defeat various types of noise.

Tactical and technical characteristics:
Year of development — 1983;
The firing range — from 100 to 4000 m;
Flight speed — 370 m / s;
Time of the rocket to the highest range — 13;
Weight missiles 9M117 — 17.6 kg;
Caliber — 100 mm;
Length — 1048 mm;
Swipe stabilizers — 255 mm;
Penetration — 550-600 mm;
The possibility of defeat at the maximum range targets such as tank — 0.8;
Temperature range combat implementation — from -40 to +50 ° C.

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