The composite power transmission towers installed in Yakutia


Not so long ago, the area around the village Ulakhan An Khangalassky ulus (Yakutia) was installed transmission towers (LEP) made of composite materials. It is expected that this innovation in Russia will soon be applied universally. Construction works have been carried out within the framework of development work, organized by the Office of Innovation Development "Jakutskenergo." 
Historically, the country’s transmission lines are used for the production of two types of material — metal and wood. The Republic of the total length of transmission lines of all voltage has 245,000 miles. The lines are constantly testing of large temperature differences also arise in the operation of this giganstkogo in size electric grid. The company’s management "YakutskEnergo" drew attention to the large percentage of deterioration of existing timber lines, which was the reason for the development work on the installation of transmission towers made of composite materials.

The basis of the material used — glass fiber yarn. After winding the thread-forming pipe cones of different lengths and diameters, which are then "built up" on one another. By using different elements is possible to build any support, reaching 53 m

Also advantages of composite poles is to simplify the procedures for handling, storage, installation excludes the use of complex tools, heavy equipment, reducing construction time lines. During 2013 the Institute of Oil and Gas of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences will implement the monitoring studies of new supports, testing samples of the composite material in the climatic conditions of Yakutia.

As a result, the experiment may be the basis of fundamental change towards the development of power as Yakutia and the whole of Russia.


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