The Comprehensive District textile workers. Sport, leisure.

As part of the development of physical culture and sports in the region of a major overhaul in the six yard sporting venues:

  •  Str. Saratov, 9.
  •  Str. Saratov, 14/1.
  •  Str. Lublin, 5, Bldg. 2.
  •  Str. Lublin, 5, Bldg. 7.
  •  Str. Malyshev, 2.
  •  Volgograd Prospect, 69.

Platform designed for mini-soccer, equipped with artificial turf, sports markings gates for mini football.

Platform designed for the game of hockey, equipped with a rubber-coated sports markings, lighting, plastic boards, hockey goals, as well as steel uprights with shields basketball and volleyball uprights.


In the 1st half of a 2-sports and leisure clubs overhauled:

  • "Ideal" street. Saratov, 14, Bldg. 1.
  • "Orbit" 11 th Street. Textile workers, 2.

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