The concrete base rig Golden Eagle, built in Primorye, Sakhalin was carried out on

A month later, the mighty structure will rise above the point of drilling on the Sakhalin shelf (PHOTOS)

Beijing, May 26, PrimaMedia. Solemn farewell concrete foundation drilling platform "Berkut", built in the port of Primorye in the East by the order of "ENL", took place on Friday in Nakhodka, reports Trend. RIA PrimaMedia. As noted at the opening ceremony of the president of the "Exxon Mobil Russia incorporation" Glenn Waller, completion of GBS is an important step in the implementation of the project "Sakhalin-1" in the Far East of Russia.

 "Another step brought us to the beginning of production in the third field of the project. Successful development of the field A-D will strengthen the position of Russia as one of the leading countries in the development of offshore and onshore oil and gas fields in severe arctic and sub-arctic conditions," — said Glenn Waller.


Aleksandr Levinthal, the deputy presidential envoy to the Far East of Russia, "Russian President Vladimir Putin pays great attention to the development of the Far East. Recently established Ministry for Development of the Far East, which will contribute to the economic growth of the territory. This step has been taken in order to attract investment here and create the conditions for fixing here and raising the quality of life in the Far East. Just such mega-projects like the "Sakhalin-1" U are anchor projects that give the socio-economic acceleration Far East. We are particularly proud of the fact that among the 44 Companies that participated in the project, 37 are Far. "


Sergey Sidorov, First Vice-Governor of the Primorsky Territory, "In a short time we were able to realize a terrific high-tech project to be proud of. Today, we are talking here built the base platform," goodbye ", but we do it with a light heart, because we know that she will soon will begin its work on the Sakhalin shelf. Yet we say "welcome" to all those who want to invest in our area and want to work in the Maritime region. We will provide all possible assistance to investors. "


Oleg Kolyadin, Head of Nakhodka city district: "Today’s event — the victory of a great team of professionals. Thousands of people in a hectic few years working on the project. Done a lot of work, which resulted in the construction of Russia‘s largest offshore oil and gas platforms. We are proud to be the place her birthday was just Nakhodka, Wrangell village. This is the best proof that the Primorsky Territory and the city of Nakhodka ready for the implementation of projects of the highest complexity. "

Gravity base platform for the "Golden Eagle" has dimensions of 133 by 100 meters, it weighs 160 tons. The construction of the structure took 52,000 cubic meters of concrete were engaged in the work of four thousand workers Russians.

 Next week will begin towing the platform to Sakhalin and after about a month, she will be part of the ice-resistant platform, "Berkut", designed to secure year-round operation in the zone of seismic activity and able to withstand temperatures as low as minus 44 degrees, the wave height of 18 meters and ice cover thickness up to two meters.

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