The consequences of Russia’s entry into the WTO. American view

The decision on Russia’s accession to the WTO would be disastrous: under threat of liquidation will be many businesses, people lose their jobs and the economic apocalypse will happen to the entire industry. This assured the American steelworkers. However, all these horrors have, in their opinion, does not occur in Russia, and the United States.

"For then we Throw open the doors for them to enter our market wide open, and they answer only priotkroyut them much. Then they will fill our market goods, while continuing to restrict access for our exports. This process will lead to the closure of factories, loss of jobs, lower living standards, "- said in a statement the head of the trade union Steelworkers Leo Gerard United States.

Trade unions are alarmed and begged Congress to take immediate action on the upcoming threat. Their concern resulted in a request to the congressmen to strengthen controls over Russia of its obligations under the WTO.

By the way, most recently byPutin during a visit to MMK said that our metallurgists have to seize the opportunity that gives them entry into the WTO. Then his words many thought with a grin:

"In different countries, in respect of Russian metal with more than 20 of restrictive measures, including in the U.S., the EU, Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia, China, Thailand, and, unfortunately, in the Ukraine. Because of this, our company annually lose between 1.5 and 2 billion dollars — said Putin. — To change the situation needs to make greater use of the potential of the WTO, which is a full member of the Russian practically become. "

The fact that rumors about the imminent collapse of the industry in Russia a little exaggerated, and said the recent statement of En + Group. The structure confirmed its intention to invest $ 25 billion in industrial projects in Western Siberia and the Far East.

"We are the largest industrial group in eastern Siberia, we see our future here and are interested in the development of the region and its transformation into a key point of the Russian economy. Now historically formed a unique opportunity for the development of Eastern Siberia and the Far East, coupled with growing Asian demand for resources and products that we can produce and produce here, "- said the company‘s CEO Artem Volynets.

Among the company’s projects and the completion of the Taishet Boguchansky smelters Boguchan plant, established on the basis of the Krasnoyarsk smelter in Russia‘s largest rolling mill. In addition, the development of Chineisky deposits of polymetallic ores in the Trans-Baikal and Agaskyrskogo copper-molybdenum mine in Khakassia, coal deposits in the Republic of Tyva and Irkutsk region and the construction of new power plants in eastern Russia.

However, and we have our own disgruntled steelworkers. Recently, the possible loss of the Russian metallurgists WTO unexpectedly said Chairman of the Board of Directors of NLMK’s Vladimir Lisin. According to him, the export of iron and steel products from the Russian Federation to the WTO accession will be reduced by 2.8 million tons. To avoid this scenario, domestic steelmakers, in his opinion, need government support.

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