The construction of the athletic arena sports complex Abakan

Today, the mayor of the capital of Khakassia Nicholas Bulakin has started the construction of the third stage of the sports complex "Abakan", scoring a symbolic peg into the base of the future athletic arena.
The building will house an arena near the administrative building, a sports hall and swimming pool. All three sites will join walkways.

According to Nikolai Bulakin, city sports complex unique in scale of its parameters, and design. At the very least, such a common set of objects brought together a different structure, which will be built in Abakan, not in the whole of Siberia. Ambitious construction project financed by the city itself. Only the construction of a universal sports hall assistance from the federal government has been provided in the amount of 17.5 million rubles, and the supply of sports equipment for the same amount.

Construction of the third stage is planned for 2-3 years upon receipt of funds in the city budget. The amount of costs will be approximately 400 million rubles. At the same time will continue the second phase of the sports complex — a swimming pool. The following year, this facility is scheduled to surrender. After that builders will start construction of the fourth stage — the tennis center, the press service of the Administration of Abakan.
In scale sports complex designed for the competitions of the Russian level. He will also become a sport playground for mass physical culture and to practice at the level of performance sports. At the sports center will house the city school sports. Opportunities sports complex will improve the training process, to expand the coaching staff, to significantly increase the number of students.

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