The construction of the birthing center Kuvandyk

The old building, too, it is time to write off. It was built almost 60 years ago — in 1953. First clinic opened there, and later transferred to a maternity hospital. In the former offices were able to accommodate a total of 20 beds. When the beds are not enough, put more. "Most women crowding. On 10 beds is 13-15 women ", — said Head of the maternity ward Kuvandikskaya CRH Natalia Chumakov.


In 1995 Kuvandyksky kreolitovy plant began to build a new hospital. But the money was only enough for the foundation, and gave the city unfinished. Nearly 17 years of assorted faster than built. In the past, the region has given guarantees: the object will invest. And builders are again set to work. "This room is provided to HIV-infected women suffering from tuberculosis and other pathologies that threaten contamination," — said the chief doctor Kuvandikskaya CRH Nicholas Ryazanov.
Maternity hospital is divided into two parts. They are mirror images of one another — for healthy and infected women. There are two operating block, 5 generic rooms, intensive care units. But both the left and the right — the most modern equipment.

Bed-transformer in the intensive care unit. New mother can control using the touch panel. Adjust the position of the head, legs and body.
Kuvandikskaya such equipment in the central district hospital was never. First Maternity Hospital received mobile incubators for the care of children weighing 500 grams. But for now — this is a beautiful picture. After all, even on older hardware work was no one. "Naturally, the lack of will. Well, all of medicine as he lives. 1 doctor working for two. 1 nurse for one and a half ", — said Mykola Ryazanov.
He needs three obstetrician-gynecologist, anesthetist, neonatologist, 20 nurses. And trained technical staff. There are only about 300 km of wires. Each movement is accompanied by electronics. Builders are ready to complete the project within a month, but are not ready to accept it. "It is necessary for us there was the wait staff. Who needs all this to pass? Where are the people? No people, "- said the director of" Orenburgoblgrazhdanstroy ", the deputy AP Orenburg region, Alexander skating.
Now the possibility of maternity Kuvandyk 2 steps above. In its stuffing it can be considered perinatal center. It is designed for 1,200 deliveries a year, if incomplete states to deal with it.

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