The construction of the complex on fish protection Konakovskaya plant

On the shore pumping station number 1 Konakovskaya GRES (branch of JSC "OGK-5") in the Tver region has completed the construction of a complex of fish protection.

This building is designed to protect juvenile fish from entering water intakes and power plant will contribute to the conservation of fish resources of the Volga River.


The mechanism of operation of the new power plant construction Konakovskaya is air — bubble curtain that with the air flow creates artificial waves, which do not allow juveniles to penetrate the water intakes. This is the first such fish protection devices in the waters of the Volga.

Representatives of the Federal Agency for Fisheries of the Upper Territorial Administration and the Central Office for fisheries expertise and standards for the conservation, reproduction of aquatic biological resources and acclimatization, as well as power plant technicians tested the fish protection system and confirmed its entry into service without any problems.

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