The construction of the fiber optic link from Verhnetulomskaya to Nickel

Specialists of JSC "IDGC North-West" "Kolenergo" increase the reliability of communication with substations in the north of the Kola Peninsula.

The construction of fiber-optic communication lines (fiber optic) long, 150 km from the substation 150/6 kV in the village Verhnetulomsky to Substation 110/10 kV in the town of Nikel.

Against this background, began the process of contracting with the Murmansk branch of OJSC "MegaFon" on mutual resources of optical fibers. Experts KolEnergo plan to provide part of the optical fiber by the Murmansk Megafon — Murmashi — Verhnetulomsky — Nickel, in return optical fiber along the route Murmansk — Polar — Ura-Guba — Polar.

In this case, the nodal KolEnergo substation located in Nickel (110/10 kV), Polar, Ura-Guba, Snezhnogorsk (150/35/6 kV), Murmansk (150/35/6kV) Verhnetulomskaya (150/6 kV) will be integrated fiber optic ring and securely connected to the network control center KolEnergo, the dispatching of Northern electric networks KolEnergo and control center of the Kola regional dispatching. This will minimize the possible technological disturbances associated with the work of communication channels and remote control, prevent failures in the local area network.

"We are working in a mode of constant readiness, even a hour due to the lack of a facility for the primary and backup channels will be an incident that is subject to the investigation — said the head of the automated process control KolEnergo Viktor Yegorov. — But due to the introduction of fiber optic links on the ring structure we eliminate the threat of a situation in which a cable break or a hardware failure could result in loss of power facilities as well as information from the substations will be delivered by a roundabout route. Thus, we have dramatically increased the reliability of the connection and control of substations will reduce the cost of rental of communication channels from third-party operators, we reduce to a minimum the danger of incidents related to the investigation of technological failures. "

The total length of the fiber-optic cables on the overhead lines KolEnergo, is about 2000 km, the press service of "Kolenergo".

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