The construction of the four-lane road Kyiv — Irpen


December 26, 2011 Ukrautodor plans to complete the repair and construction work on the road P-30 entrance to Irpin: for a comfortable and fast travel from Kiev to Irpen road builders built the new part of the road R-30 entrance to Irpin a total length of 5.8 km and refurbished 3 km of streets Irpin along which the P-30.
The new road with four lanes of traffic goes from the street. General Naumov (housing estate Novobilychi, Kiev) to residential areas Romanivka (Irpin).
Now work on the road is almost complete.
In addition, the repair work on the streets of Karl Marx, North, Stepanovskaya and Garden (Irpin) on which the road passes the P-30 entrance to Irpin.
When the work was to apply modern coating of stone mastic asphalt SMA on modified bitumen.
The entire volume of construction works performed domestic enterprises.

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