The construction of the new plant JSC Information Satellite Systems Reshetnev im.akademika

In Zheleznogorsk completed galvanic chemical plant in the framework of the federal target program "GLONASS" to order of "Information Satellite Systems Reshetnev im.akademika."

Construction Corps brings together almost all located at the customer production sites, which are maintained galvanic and lacquer work. This will partially mechanized complex production process for applying coatings on units and parts of the spacecraft with the use of advanced techniques and technologies.

Features of an object and use the equipment placed on the shop floor, require special disposal, recovery and neutralization of specific hazardous substances. Experts General Administration of special construction on the territory of Siberia to the Federal Agency for Special Construction (Federal State Unitary Enterprise "GUSST number 9 at Spetsstroy Russia") perform work in full compliance with environmental requirements, for example, equipped with powerful ventilation system object that will minimize emissions of harmful substances into the the atmosphere.

The cost of work performed was more than 2 billion rubles.

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