The construction of the road Plesetsk-peace

Our website is often talks about building a new Russian cosmodrome "East". But it is not forgotten and acting cosmodrome "Plesetsk". In the framework of the Federal Target Program "Development of Russian space centers for 2006-2015" is building a two-level road junction length of 4.5 km between the city and the peace settlement of Plesetsk, as well as the road section P1, bypassing the village Plesetsk length of 5 km.

Road interchange is located north of Plesetsk and includes 2 overpass on 159 meters long each of the major routes of the Northern Railway and highway P1 going in the direction of Arkhangelsk. Readiness to date is 90%. Its commissioning will provide the cosmodrome "Plesetsk" reliable and secure connection to the federal road network. 

At the moment, the whole stream of cars going into the city of Mirny and moving through to the launch site, in heavy traffic of trains and the increasing number of private and official vehicles has led to numerous delays.

The opening is scheduled for the end of isolation, together with the adjacent portion of the bypass road. In turn, the new road section P1 will let transit vehicles coming from Arkhangelsk Kargopol side and back, bypassing the town of Plesetsk.

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