The construction of the terminal of the airport Donetsk

The first stage of the reconstruction of the airport complex Enterprise "International airport" Donetsk ". The building of the new terminal began training and start-up on the process equipment.

"Due to changes in the project appeared certain types of work that were not included in the original project. Changes were made to the design and decoration solutions, and design scheme of the building, and on the technological scheme of passenger traffic. All this led to a number of changes, however, the builders managed on time and by 29 December almost all done, "- commented on the construction of the terminal deputy director of production company" Altcom "Sergei Kuprin.

According to him, today we can say that the construction work in key areas of the terminal have been completed. End finishing work on the technology, office and ancillary facilities. Mount all the engineering equipment building management. Work all ventilation, air conditioning, heating and water. Work is being completed on power supply networks and low-current systems of structured cabling networks.

In addition, the full completed works of the main technological equipment roof racks, there are works on commissioning. Set all Detached inspection equipment. All 24 elevators and 18 escalators terminal building installed and are in working order after the successful commissioning. There is a transfer of operational services to the airport. The building of a new terminal in full has been put technological furniture. Assembled all the furniture in the reception of passengers. A montage of passport booths set furniture for cafes and restaurants.

"Basic service airport operations have already begun training in the new terminal building. To do this, we passed on December 22, some areas in which organized training classes. In early February 2012 the German specialists «ORAT» Airport will begin testing in conjunction with the main staff training in a fully assembled and debugged equipment ", — said S.Kuprin.

Reference: CP renovation project "International airport" Donetsk "involves the construction of the runway, aprons, aerodrome control tower, as well as the construction of the new terminal and the reconstruction of the old. The complex includes a new terminal loading rack, multi-level car park and bus station. The capacity of the new terminal — up to 3000 people per hour.

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