The construction of the transmission line Komsomolsk-Maya in Chukotka

The new line will be part of Chaun-Bilibinskii power unit.
Building energy complex, including a power line Komsomolsk-The May and two substations, located in the village of Komsomolsk and gold deposit of the May, completed in the territory of Chukotka.


As the Deputy General Director of JSC "Chukotenergo" Paul DUZHINKIN, together with the reconstructed substation at the Komsomolsk transmission line length of about 50 km is ready for inclusion. Rodgotovitelnye work completed at the substation Mayskoye. It is expected that the supply of electricity on the line will begin in the third week of January — soobschet RIA Sever DV press service of the information policy of the region.
Construction of power lines were within the framework of the federal target program "Economic and social development of the Far East and Transbaikalia until 2013." The total cost of laying lines — about 262 million rubles from the federal and district budgets. Construction and reconstruction of substations in the village of Komsomolsk and to Mayskoye carried out through investment of "Chukotenergo" and LLC "Gold Mining" May "(owned by JSC" Polymetal ").
The new power line will be part of Chaun-Bilibinskii power unit, the main sources of generation in nuclear power plants which are Bilibinskaya and Chaun CHP. Transmission lines will provide electricity to fully largest gold ore deposits in Chukotka The May. Currently, the field is being prepared for operation. Get the first gold of May is expected in the fourth quarter of 2012. During 2013 the company plans to reach full capacity. The average annual gold production will be on the May 6-10 tons.

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