The consumption of foods in the Krasnoyarsk region grew by 569.6 kcal per day

Over the past 10 years, caloric intake residents of Krasnoyarsk region has increased — to such conclusion experts Krasstata from a sample survey of household budgets region from 2000 to 2010. According to statistics, during this period the consumption of bread and cereal products on average per household member increased from 84.2 to 97.7 kg. Also, inhabitants of the region began to consume more sugar and confectionery products — from 21.6 to 33.2 kg of meat and meat products — from 47.7 to 73.5 kg of fish and fish products — from 9.1 to 18.3 kg. And increased consumption of vegetable oils and other fats — from 8.1 kg per year to 11.9 kg.

Thus increased and the daily caloric content of food consumed by each member of the family in the middle to 569.6 kcal. For example, in 2000 the energy value of consumed products by an average of one family member was 2040,3 kilocalories per day, and in 2010 — 2609.9 kilocalories.

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