The contract for the purchase of 30 Iraqi attack helicopters Mi-28NE


Last week it was announced the signing of Russia and Iraq package of contracts for the supply of a large batch of Russian attack helicopters and other weapons.

During the official visit of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in Moscow (October 8-10), the leading Russian and Western media was spread about the signing during the first half of 2012 a series of Russian-Iraqi contracts in the sphere of military-technical cooperation for the total amount about $ 4.2 billion is reported that the most important aspects of these agreements are the ones to supply the Iraqi side of the 30 attack helicopters Mi-28NE, and 42 anti-aircraft missile and gun systems "Armour-C1"

According to Russian experts, the package for the Russian contract to become the third largest since the Soviet collapse. Analogs of the Russian-Iraqi agreements can only be contracts signed with Algeria (in 2006, amounting to $ 7.5 billion) and Venezuela (in 2009, a $ 6 billion).


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