The cosmodrome East started asphalt plant

FSUE "the Office Building of roads and airfields at Spetsstroy Russia" is paving the future of the cosmodrome "East" road from the closed Uglegorsk to the launch pad, railway lines, railway station reconstructs the ice, the bridge over the River Great Pera, building auto-train station. Virtually every object requires builders to asphalt.

Launched into operation on October 7 own asphalt plant not only reduce the dependence of Russian companies Spetsstroy from other organizations, but will monitor the quality of construction materials, its products provide all the road works on the development of the transport infrastructure of the cosmodrome.

First cubic meters of asphalt have been used in the regeneration of industrial areas around the plant. The next day the production of the plant was sent to the landscaping under construction in Uglegorsk auto-train station. The plant will be secured orders for at least 4-5 years. Asphalt — one of the most popular materials on any road construction. Around Uglegorsk have to build dozens, maybe hundreds of kilometers of roads.

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