The cosmodrome Plesetsk in preparation for the launch of the Angara

Space Forces at the launch site "Plesetsk" preparing to launch an easy modification of the carrier rocket "Angara", told journalists on official Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Alexei Zolotukhin.

In the framework of the federal target program "Development of the Russian space centers for 2006-2015" Plesetsk space center in full swing working on construction and reconstruction of the launch and technical complex CBC "Angara" and technical complex for training military spacecraft.

"At the Plesetsk space center is the creation and development of advanced space rocket Soyuz-2 and Angara built on modern domestic base and to ensure the maintenance of constellation in the coming decades," — said Zolotukhin.

Now "Plesetsk" is preparing the infrastructure under the "Angara", no later than 2013 will launch an easy modification of the rocket.

Zolotukhin said that, being the only spaceport, located in the territory of the Russian Federation, "Plesetsk" in the long term should be the main place to start most of the spacecraft, primarily in the interests of national defense and security. Today, for some start-ups Defense also uses the "Baikonur" cosmodrome, located in Kazakhstan.

"The creation of these facilities will provide the ability to run all the satellites for defense purposes from Russian territory, that is really guaranteed the independence of the national military space," — said Zolotukhin.

On Friday, July 15th commander of the Space Forces Lt. Gen. Oleg Ostapenko congratulated the troops, civilian personnel and veterans from the Plesetsk cosmodrome 54th anniversary of its formation.

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