The cost of road construction in Russia


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http://cenadalnic.oziveni…ocuments/ibr-ceny-d11.pdf (in Czech)
Construc on flat and slightly undulating terrain without tunnels.

Austria 10.8 mln.E / km
Slovenia 7.4 mln.E / km
Czech Republic 9.0 mln.E / km

In Russia (the rate 1E = 43 rubles).

1. Autobahn Kemerovo-Leninsk-the area from Sukhoi interchange to turn on the village Sammy kilometrov.5 length of 25 billion 700 million rubles. 5.3 mln.E / km

two two-level interchanges, two bridges, six flyovers, mounted 29 culverts. Installed 49 kilometers of the metal barrier protection, including on the median strip along the entire area — to avoid exit of transport into the oncoming lane. In addition, reclaimed 218 hectares of land planted 12.5 kilometers belts.

2. 27-mile federal highway "Kavkaz" 3.5 billion rubles.
part of the federal highway "Kavkaz" highway four-lane bypass of Nalchik. The length of 27 km. 3.5 billion rubles (whether for all, whether in the last phase of 15.7 km. Suppose that only 15.7 km.) Mln.E 5,184 / km

The first stage. 18 years ago. Then build 4.2 km of the road, including two bridges and a 200-meter long flyover.
The second stage. The second launch complex, which includes 4 bridges and traffic intersection in the vicinity of the village Urvan, passing cars that are sent to Vladikavkaz, commissioned December 1, 2005. Its length is 7.1 km.
The third stage. Length of approximately 15.7 km. It includes six bridges and overpasses total length of about 510 m, its construction began in April 2006.

3. M-4 "Don" around Eltsa in the Lipetsk region 56 km 20.8 billion rubles. Mln.E 8,637 / km

4. Highway connecting the federal highway M60 and the airport "Vladivostok". Vladivostok. 2km. 500 million rubles. 5.8 mln.E / km

5. Shawl-Sorochyi Mountains. Tatarstan. 40 km. Phase 1 — 4.58 billion rubles. 2nd place — 4.3 billion rubles. Mln.E 5.16 / km

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