The course completion frigate Admiral Gorshkov

Predstavite USC denied newspaper data "The News" that the frigate "Admiral Gorshkov" will be released for testing in the Barents Sea. According to the representative, at the beginning of the frigate to pass mooring tests and sea trials in the Gulf of Finland.

According to the Central Military Maritime portal in November, the ship can start mooring trials, and the first outlet to the sea will be held no earlier than 2013.

About the beginning of the test head frigate this fall stated CEO Office, the designer of ships far sea zone project 22350 — JSC "Northern Design Bureau" — Vladimir Ilyich Spiridopulo, referring to the mooring trials. "News" link on the Main Staff of the Navy, who provided false information. Ship in a high degree of readiness and actively being completed, but will not be able to go to sea in November. ,59 — fregat-proekta-22350-admiral-gorshkov. html # p2921967

Most likely, the newspaper confused with the construction on the frigate "Severnaya Verf" Project 20380 corvettes like "Guarding", which really add almost entirely constructed of complex multi-layer composite materials instead of a simple carbon fiber. Add-ins frigate — steel, specially designed to reduce the radar signature, and covered with radar absorbing materials. In an article published in "Izvestia" article, there are a number of "blunders", for example, there is no such complex "Polymer-Redoute," eat "polyment."
In general, information, and the truth of the newspaper article leaves much to be desired, "- said the source of the Portal.

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