The creation of a new generation of telecommunication satellites Yamal-300K

In Krasnoyarsk holding "Information Satellite Systems" to them. Reshetnev (Krasnoyarsk Territory) completed the creation of the satellite "Yamal-300K" launch is scheduled for this year. In the near future it will be shipped to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in preparation for the launch.

"Yamal-300K", the launch of which is planned for this year, is classified as medium-scale spacecraft. It will be launched at the orbital position of 90 degrees east longitude, explained in the "SCS". Satellite payload equipped with a combination comprising eight transponder 72 MHz standard C-band transponders 18 and 72 MHz standard Ku-band. Thus, the total capacity of the "Yamal-300K" will be equivalent to 52 transponders of 36 MHz.

To work in the C-band on the unit is installed transceiver antenna, forming a fixed loop beam that from the position of 90 degrees east longitude covers the entire visible area of Russia, as well as the surrounding country.

"Yamal-300K" is already the third modification of the satellites that sample. It is planned that the commercial space information system "Yamal" of 18 satellites will be formed by 2015.

In the shops of Siberian company continues the planned production of a spacecraft "Yamal-401", the agency added.

Telecommunication satellites "Yamal-300K" and "Yamal-401" with 15 years of service life are created in the Krasnoyarsk holding commissioned by "GSS" / "GCS" /.

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