The crew of spacecraft Soyuz TMA-22 landed successfully.

The lander spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-22" with Russian cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerovym and Anatoly Ivanishin and U.S. astronaut Daniel Burbank made a successful landing.

  • There is a landing

"There is a landing," — to highlight the inscription on the big screen in the hall of the Mission Control Center. After that MCC workers, management space industry, to monitor the landing of the control room, as well as foreign and local guests broke into applause.

The spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-22" was separated from the International Space Station (ISS) at 12:18 Moscow time on April 27. After separation from the station, the ship was a few hours off the flight. With 14:50 14:54 MSK engine "Soyuz TMA-22" issued a deorbit burn to de-orbit. At 15:21 the ship is divided into sections: lander separated from home and instrumentation equipment compartment, after which the capsule with the astronauts entered the dense layers of the atmosphere. At this point, there was a temporary loss of communication with the astronauts. At 15:31, when the capsule has passed the plasma over it first opened exhaust and then the main parachute, which slowed the fall.

After undocking "Soyuz TMA-22" on the Russian segment of the ISS and to arrive at the following long-duration mission aboard the orbiting continue work crew consisting of Oleg Kononenko (Russia), Andre Kuipers (Netherlands), Donald Pettit (USA).

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