The crew of the ISS for the first time worked hand descent to Mars

  • Evgeny Tarelkin (left) and Oleg Novitsky (center) with his colleague Kevin Ford
  • Evgeny Tarelkin (left) and Oleg Novitsky (center) with his colleague Kevin Ford

An experiment to test the manual controlled descent from orbit to the surface of Mars was held for the first time with the participation of astronauts returned to Earth after a six-month stay on the ISS, told reporters the chief scientific management — Deputy Chief of Cosmonaut Training Center (CTC), Boris Kryuchkov.

"For working manually controlled descent to Mars was used one of the two available in the CPC centrifuges CF-18. Descent centrifuge simulated under the influence of overload, as in real space flight. As to Mars need to fly at least six months, until yesterday we there were no confirmed data, are able to carry out in the future astronauts manually controlled descent to the surface of Mars. Now we know that it is real: March 16 returned to the ISS cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky and Evgeny Tarelkin, for the first time in history have successfully confirmed that opportunity, "- said Hooks .

As noted at the press conference in Star City by the participants of the experiment, the simulation of descent from orbit to the surface of Mars after the return of a real space flight went well.

"I think we worked well. Certainly, it was nice to take part in a brand new program, which we have signed a contract," — said cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky.

"Further, this series of experiments will be continued with the following ISS crews. We recruit for the annual statistics and flight crew, which will begin in the spring of 2014. Flight will be formed to a specific program for stand-alone operation astronauts connected, including, with a delay due to the a few minutes to teach the crew to work independently without instructions from the flight control center, "- said Hooks.

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