The crews of the Northern Fleet naval aviation work out the tactics of anti-submarine warfare

The crews of anti-submarine aircraft from the airbase naval aviation of the Northern Fleet (NF) started working out of the anti-submarine warfare tactics. With military airfields stationed in Murmansk and Vologda regions, naval aviation pilots lifted into the sky Tu-142 and Il-38.
In the course of the flight operations division airbase work out tactics, search, classification and tracking of submarines using sonar radar and anti-submarine detection, conduct training bombing of the marine and coastal landfills SF.

In addition to working out methods of combat training exercises marine pilots improve their skills over the course of a given passage bezorientirnoy terrain, carry out flight missions on sletannosti aircrew piloting and getting admission in good and bad weather conditions.

Flight operations of naval aviation was preceded by careful preparation to test readiness of engineering and technical personnel and ground services and specialists to ensure the objectives of flight training.

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