The crystals were invented in Urfa, to help find extraterrestrial

civilization and aliens

The end of the fiber under a microscope at 100 times magnification

Center staff infrared fiber technology (TSIVT) Ural Federal University have developed a unique optical fibers that can be used to search for extraterrestrial life. Skipping radiation over a wide spectral range, they will help to check the temperature with infrared telescopes planets in deep space and determine which ones are potentially suitable for life.

"The new fiber cuts from metal halide light from the star and enhances the radiation of the planet. Thus, it can be seen through the telescope, which as a filter installed our fibers, planets similar to Earth, "- said the deputy director of the infrared fiber technology UrFU Alexander Korsakov. 

The development led to the 1980 Doctor of Science Leah V. Zhukov, who now heads TSIVT. The unique infrared optical fibers with improved performance, unparalleled in the world, were created from the grown crystals under her leadership. Along with her inventors were Alexander Korsakov, senior researcher Vladislav Zhukov, as well as engineers and Andrew Chazov Dmitry Wroblewski.

The invention of the Ural scientists are interested in the Russian Space Agency. However, the study of the universe — is not the only area of possible applications of these fibers. They can be used in the pharmaceutical, oil and gas, chemical and food industries. The development of specific methods and techniques used and a task TSIVT he decides together with the staff of the Innovation Infrastructure UFU.

According to Alexander Korsakov, at the moment the team is busy creating a new TSIVT infrared probe for FTIR spectroscopy — one of the methods of optical spectroscopy. The probe allows real-time and at a considerable distance from the sensor placed, for example, an area with harmful to human health conditions, with high accuracy the composition of the organic and inorganic substances.

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