The CU create a joint venture container

V. Yakunin from the blog:

"I am glad to report that with fellow w / a branch of Belarus and Kazakhstan, we have agreed to establish a joint company for cargo transport container transport by rail. This is a company with a network covering business and points of sales in the major industrial centers of Eurasia. Formation this company will be held on the basis of already existing and operating assets, which do not require the founders of significant initial investment. From Kazakhstan planned to transfer shares of a number of subsidiaries of JSC "National Company" Kazakhstan Temir Joly ", from the Republic of Belarus — terminals belonging to the Belarusian Railways in Brest as well as the company’s assets "Belintertrans." For our part, we intend to submit to the authorized capital remaining in the ownership of JSC "Russian Railways" stake "TransContainer." In our view, it is more effective than selling it to an outside investor, which we actively pushing.


As long as we are moving towards convergence of economies and registration of the Common Economic Space with the neighboring countries, the transport and logistics are key elements here. Integration processes in the Eurasian space give us the railroad, a unique chance to bring together that it would be foolish not to take advantage. Logistics services on their own — a very profitable business, the level of development that Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus are still among the countries of outsiders. Creating a global company and a competitive product — a concrete step in the development of this direction. If you look forward, given the dynamic development of the western and central provinces of China, we can fully expect that by the year 2020 to refocus on the Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan company of up to 2% of the Euro-Asian container transit. "

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