The Czechs — people are not aggressive and do not offend, God forbid, do not

beat, but …

The fact that the Czechs are hostile to the Russian, I heard in early childhood, but it turns out, for the past 20 years of freedom to do with us remained the same.
Well, no, the money in the store you will take no barking that you are at fault in their difficult childhood, but if you want to settle down in the Czech Republic, or to send their child to study in the Czech Republic, it will be helpful to learn a second-year student experience at the University of Brno from there the life and study.

Hello, never written on this forum, but that’s how things are.
I am always nice studied, graduated from high school as "excellent", so all the teachers, friends and family proud of me when I won a scholarship to the preparatory courses of Czech language for admission to universities in the Czech Republic.
Successfully year after studying the courses I enrolled in the University. Masaryk in Brno.
Education is free, though my life is provided by parents.
The problem is that I’m simply exhausted. I do not know why I need it. I have no one to talk, teasing me because I’m a citizen of the country of the CIS, even the teachers. Moreover, I miss the wild relatives.
There is no incentive to go to class, I can only cry in the comfort of the room.
I was afraid to tell her parents for a long time, because they are so proud of me, and told all my friends. As a result, when I broke down and spoke to parents begged them to pick me up, told him everything, I was told that while "I do not kick the kick from the Czech Republic — I’m going home."
My condition every day is like a tantrum. I’m ready to fill up the tests to have been expelled from the university, I’m ready to save money and buy tickets on the train, but I am so afraid for their parents.
After all, they will be asking why I came back, they would be ashamed of me.
I realize how weak I am aware of its futility, but simply can not tolerate.
I do not know what to do. You have to write posts on the forum, just to throw a little emotion, to share experiences.
I’m tired of writing 4-5 hours of the jobs that are out in the Czech students an hour, tired of listening to me and my fellow students are discussing, one tired of sitting at dinner, I’m tired all the time to keep silence, tired to cry on Friday in a dorm room and hear in the hallway Keep on suitcases — students who are older than me by 2-3 years leave home to mom and dad. And I have nowhere to go, nowhere to go, nothing to strive for, because here I’ll always be emigrant from the CIS, lower being.


I chose the Czech Republic because it won the grant, education is free until the end, including graduate school, life is cheap, even compared with Russia.
I wanted to ease the life of the parents, but it turned out that everything is just complicated. I thought adapting — going to work, even though the power herself will pay. Lived here for more than a year (although maybe it’s not so much), but more just can not. I do not deny that I slabachka, but this does not become easier.

The fact is that I do not see the point in training here.
For a year, I realized in this country you will always be an immigrant, and you only work in the nail salon or asphalt laying.
In the best case — a piece of paper in the office move. Of course, if you have a small house in Karlovy Vary is not — then you can not work at all.
Thank you for your support.
And yet, I understand that the blame just me. Yes, and my stupidity.


The fact that the Czechs are fond of Russian — not true.
There are those who take a neutral — that’s good.
Me several times in the face saying that my ancestors occupied Czechoslovakia, and now my countrymen occupied their Karlovy Vary (ten times already heard the phrase), and even learn to stick to all taxes of Czech citizens.
In principle, I am not saying that this is all wrong and unfair, but I was not ready to go in this environment.
But I simply could not have known that this would happen.
On the Internet, everything is so rosy, but I somehow — naivnyak — also won a grant, no need to pay, and clever all be considered)) is a fool.

Now here’s a run or be hung up. Well needless to anyone or earn education in post-Soviet country, and set all the nerves and killing time, return to their homeland with a degree in an unknown Masaryk University.
I am sure that the outside of the Czech Republic over the care, whether you’re finished Masaryk to go to that I had to cram into the night, or a small University. Bata Zlín.
As for the "gossip" — that is sacred. Teachers, students, assistants. And not only behind his back.
The Czechs — people are not aggressive and do not offend, God forbid, do not hit, but the "funny" joke and rip off his cap — no problem.
A small thing, maybe, but when so every day without a break — it’s too much.
Although not speak for the others. When riding, I thought that once Europe — so worth trying, break the wall — but do your job, then you will be respected a little bit.
And in fact — not at all.

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PySy: read this, I thought that the rumors about russophobia Finns are overblown.

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