The delay of 10 aircraft turned unpickle airfields

Shoigu proposed relocation and partial restructuring of the Air Force

The Ministry of Defence in favor of relocation and partial changes in the structure of the Air Force, the head of the Minister Sergei Shoigu at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"With the engagement of such a large number of aircraft, strengthened by the findings that we discussed in May in Sochi, on the dispersal and relocation, with some changes in the structure of the Air Force and the integration of additional series of airfields, especially in the eastern part of the country. In this there is an urgent need, given the fact that all such distance and such large units need quite a serious air support, especially at the landings. And this, of course, distance, refueling points, points of service. Therefore, we have presented for your consideration including the issue ", — said Sergei Shoigu, transfers RIA "Novosti".

In the course ended large-scale exercises in the Eastern Military District was not without incident. Thus, departing aircraft to the military from Khabarovsk was arrestedfor 10 hours as the destination airport did not want to take the men free.

Last week ended with a large-scale inspection of troops of the Eastern Military District. According to the War Department, in checking the alert was attended by more than 160,000 troops from Central and Eastern military districts, the Pacific Fleet, and the long-range military transport aircraft of Russia, as well as, in particular, 70 ships and vessels. Supreme Commander Vladimir PutinratedSBI test readiness to "more than satisfactory".

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