The designers of

Five years ago, a mini-skid steer loaders MKSM-800, created by the designers of "SKBM" and mass-produced by "Kurganmashzavod," there was no serious competitors among the Russian producers. Today the trends are changing and Several companies in the country are going to put analogues to the consumer market. Keep up with the domestic producers mini-loaders and world leaders who are trying to lead active sales. The alert and Chinese manufacturers. 

Competition in the market, prompted a special group of designers SKBM in the design and development of a brand new skid steer loader series "A". Initially, the task was as follows: to maintain high quality of consumer or to improve them, the most of the innovative technical solutions, design and start production of cars in a modern design to provide the best "price-quality" and competitiveness not only in domestic but also foreign markets for due to the low operating costs.

In 2010 the first machine series "A" MKSM MKSM-800-1000 were collected, held their pre-test. Since 2011, the trucks pass the acceptance test, demonstrating its reliability and usefulness in real world conditions. Training production under their serial production has started in Saransk. That of "SAREX" by management Concern, until the end of the year should master the first major party MKSM Series "A" to enter the Russian market and a broad assessment of the quality of customer machines.  

Is being developed in parallel MKSM-1200 Series "A". The first machine ready for testing in 2012. On a family of trucks series "A2 implies the use of imported motor-known brand, which has environmental standards Tier 2, 3 and 4, which will increase consumer properties of the truck and will end up in the near future to enter the European market

"To be among the best, we must constantly seek out and develop new solutions, in other words, created to improve the car, to expand the range of MKSM and work on the design of the next generation of trucks", — said Yuri responsible Khvostantsev head separate division LLC "MIKONT" (Saransk ).

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