The developers say no complex charts and diagrams confusing

The company Ingenious Team — Member Zvorykinsky project — led by Aleksanra Gritsan prepared and launched Trial Forecast NOW! (Projected to now!). The system allows you to make predictions for individual goods, produce ABC-XYZ-analysis on the complete range, to build a report on necessary purchases on the basis of the forecast. Issue of a commercial product is scheduled for early December.
The main advantage of the system Forecast NOW! in its availability. Its implementation does not require additional knowledge, new skills and life-long learning. The most advanced technology from the field of data mining and artificial intelligence can provide highly accurate forecasting, where every percentage of accuracy may be hiding a few million rubles.
As you know, in inventory helps to smooth fluctuations in demand, reduce risk when working with contractors. Low inventory in stock and commodity shortage generates a negative impact on service and customer loyalty. While a large inventory in stock involves risks for potential losses associated with a shelf life, and increased storage costs. The accuracy of this solution is critical and directly affects the savings.
The business environment of his native city of innovators — Tver already expressed interest in the software product. Currently Ingenious Team conducts a test implementation of the Nord-Auto (cars and parts) and various grocery stores. Also outlined a series of cooperation agreements with other companies in the city of Tver, negotiations are underway with companies in the city of Moscow. For grocery stores have positive results.

A decisive role in the process of creating a well-functioning Russian innovation system plays Zvorykinsky project ( The purpose of the program — to enable young members of the intellectual elite of the country to realize their creative and scientific potential, to achieve material success through the commercialization of ideas and implementation of development as well as to gain public recognition.
Project program provides a broad set of tools for the development of innovation and bringing them to commercial realization. This is a variety of educational programs, internships abroad, legal support, to attract potential investors, and more. Zvorykinsky project includes several key events: change "Innovation and Technical Creativity" at Lake Seliger, Zvorykin Prize and National Youth Innovation Convention.

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