The development in the suburbs biopharmaceutical cluster Northern

The Ministry of Industry and Science of Moscow Region is actively promoting the implementation of the project to create a biopharmaceutical cluster "Northern" in Khimki — Recently. The project combined their interests are several companies and organizations: Center for High Technology "KhimRar", Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, "Pharmstandard" and others.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the cluster rector MIPT, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Kudryavtsev during an online conference responded to questions concerning the organization and development of biofarmklastera:
"We were able to build a connection between cluster members, so they began to interact to the common good", — said Nikolai.
We have learned to keep a complete development cycle of pharmaceuticals from an organizational point of view. This includes a selection of interesting projects, the creation of small businesses, integrating them into the business incubators. Now it is one of the main tasks. CHT "KhimRar" as well as other members of the CBF "North", such a problem is handled, and at least can share their experiences. If our project is implemented, the biofarmklaster — it is primarily an open system with a detuned interactions between the participants, this is an increase in the number of participants and the constant flow of businesses, each of which "pulls" some kind of development. The benefits are obvious.
As for the MIPT, our task — to create the most favorable conditions for professional and creative growth of our graduates. With the advent of biofarmklastera here in Dolgoprudnom, this will be a very powerful tool. Biotechnology direction and medicine will be very hard to grow in the coming decades, and that here it is advisable for young people to go to work. With the advent of biofarmklastera our students will have the opportunity "

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