The development of a new generation of destroyers for the Navy of Russia

One of the options being developed image of the destroyer

The development of a Russian destroyer for the Navy next generation, which will be built on the technology "Stealth". We are carrying out research work on the brand new ship far sea zone, issued technical documentation of the project. According to Interfax-AVN, this process will take approximately 30 months.

Promising ship, project number which has not yet been appointed, will be multi-purpose, which will determine his choice of weapons. He will get a missile system with universal vertical launch missile launchers to fire precision missiles against ground, surface and underwater targets. Air defense ship will provide anti-aircraft missiles of large, medium and small range. Universal will artillery destroyer that can fire on coastal and marine enemy targets with precision-guided missiles.

Multifunctionality of the ship will influence the content of its electronic filling. The destroyer will equip universal complex detection and targeting systems, electronic warfare agents, as well as sonar equipment to detect submarines, mines and underwater sabotage forces.

Ship far sea zone will have unlimited seaworthiness and speed of 30 knots. At 17 knots destroyer can autonomously take up to 10,000 miles. The number is expected relatively small crew, which will improve the quality of habitability. The ship’s tonnage will reach 10,000 tons. Main propulsion will be the destroyer of gas turbine type. On the ship provided a hangar for two anti-submarine helicopters.

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